Year in, year out, it can be be tricky to find a gift for the man in your life that he’ll actually like. It can be an annual irritant finding something you’re proud to wrap up for his big day. Something you’re happy to hand over knowing he’ll smile about. Things that he’ll actually use. Items he’ll enjoy. Products he’ll find impressive. With that in mind, let’s look at some birthday gifts for him that he’ll love. Add them to your list this year!

Keep Him Clean

Whatever your man gets up to, he needs to stay clean. Even if he isn’t that bothered about keeping clean, you’ll want him to. He might be on his feet all day in his job. Maybe he’s really active in his spare time by going to the gym or going to an exercise class? All of that energy he’s burning, is also causing him to sweat. Help him look after himself with some top class body care. One of our favourite products is the Black Wolf Nation Activated Charcoal Body Wash. The ingredients penetrate into the skin, removing unwanted dirt and toxins, leaving a super smooth skin all over. It will certainly help him to feel fresh all day long. 

If he loves taking care of his hair, the Every Man Jack 2-in-1 Daily Shampoo + Conditioner – Citrus is perfect! He can use it during every shower and it will look after his locks. The surfactants are derived from coconut and help to clean hair from the root to tip. As well as this, it contains Glycerin and Shea Butter which help to leave hair softer, stronger and healthier.

How about something that little bit extra special for birthday gifts for him? You could even treat him to some brand new cologne so he smells fantastic, as well as being super clean. We’ve a big fan of Duke Cannon Woodsy & Aromatic Sawtooth Men’s Proper Cologne. You only need two sprays of the true Cedar scent as it is long lasting. Help him stay fresh!

Something For His Car

If your man loves is motor, give him something to make his car that little bit better. These Masculine Little Trees Car Fresheners are perfect for giving the inside of his car a spruce up. Our favourite is Steel Aluminum which smells like a mixture of Clean & Crisp with True North. Of course, as well as birthday gifts for him, it’s also a gift for you. You don’t want to be getting in when he’s giving you a ride to work, holding your breath the entire journey! Whilst you’re at it, pick up some Yankee Candle car air fresheners for your own set of wheels!

Things To Relax With

If you man doesn’t sit down for five minutes, always busy doing something, give him something to relax with. We’ve found some of the best manly candles around, giving off the best wholesome scents as they burn. He’ll love the Northern Lights Candles Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle. It’s a homage to craft cocktails, combining fragrance with the wit of your favorite bartender. Your front room will soon be filled with the smell of Kentucky whiskey with leafy tobacco, ginger and sweet, crushed Tonka Bean. Perfection!

Use these top ideas for your birthday gifts for him this year.

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