The manliest of men have beards. If you don’t have a beard, your kids have basically got two moms. When you have a beard, you need groom it, look after it and make it look it’s absolute best. One of the products you might use is beard oil, but did you know that beard oil can be used for loads of other things? Let’s have a look at some of the other uses for that gorgeous smelling beard oil you have in the cupboard, including a beard oil diffuser!

Beard Oil Diffuser

Firstly, beard oil comes in lots of different scents. When you find one you love, it’ll do your beard good and make you feel great. Peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and tea tree oil are shown to be beneficial for growing a thick, full beard. Perfect for those of us with face fuzz! Those scents are also fantastic in your home, creating a wonderful smelling atmosphere and making our houses smell fantastic. If you have a diffuser, use some beard oil and turn it into a beard oil diffuser! Simply place a few drops into an essential oil diffuser to spread that fresh subtle fragrance. A beard oil diffuser is absolute bliss!

Manly Jobs

The manliest of men do jobs themselves, taking on do-it-yourself projects and figuring out solutions to problems. If you find yourself in the garage, working on a project or tinkering with a machine, you sometimes need a helping hand with the job. If you have run out of other products and need some lubricant to un-squeaky a squeaky hinge, for example, your beard oil can step up and help! Obviously you don’t want to use it every day for household jobs, but it’ll help in a pinch and also add a fresh fragrance to whatever you’re fixing! Other members of the family and visitors to the home will enjoy smelling your beard oil randomly as they open and close those doors you’ve fixed the hinges of!

A Vitamin Kick

Did you know that beard oils often jam packed full of gorgeous vitamins? Oils in beard oil can include vitamins A, C and E. You might even find omega-6 fatty acids along with antioxidants. This can be used on your skin, to condition and moisturize and also to treat cuts. Manly men often get scrapes and cuts on their hands. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antiseptic and will help you heal. If you have safflower oil in your beard oil. it’ll not only smell great, it helps to regenerate new skin cells.

As you can see, beard oil can quickly become your new best friend. Keep some nearby and it can help you out when you need it, whilst keeping your beard in fantastic condition! Pop it on your cuts, use it to help your skin and make your home smell fantastic with a beard oil diffuser. Find your perfect products and make sure you smell incredible with all our products on Not Stinky.

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