We all want fresh wheels, right? When we spend a lot of time in our cars, they can start to stink up a little bit. From fast food takeaways to sweaty gym socks, the stuff we throw in the trunk or drop in the passenger seat foot-well can start to make our cars smell. Let’s look at how to get rid of smell in car interiors and check out some fantastic products which can leave our vehicles fresh and fragrant!

Spring Clean Your Interior

We can become obsessed with our cars looking shiny and clean on the outside, but keeping on top of the inside is just as important. Nobody want to pull up to collect a friend and see their smile of seeing the car turn to a frown when they sit inside. Spend some time getting rid of all the junk in your car that you don’t need. Rubbish, burger wrappers, trainers from tennis lessons. You might have forgotten all about the swimming trunks and towel you used a month ago, or the tacos you left in the bag behind the front seats because you couldn’t finish them. Get cleaning and throw out the trash! Your car is not a skip!

Get Some Products To Help It Smell Great

Next up is how to get rid of smell in car that has found it’s way into the fabric of your car. Consider the seats, the fabric on the doors, the mats, the carpet-like material on the ceiling. All of this will absorb and retain smells. So you need to get spraying to ensure those smells are gone. One of the best products we’ve found is the Chemical Brothers Black Frost Air Freshener. Not only does it eliminate odors, it helps to reduce new odors over time. Smelling like Axe body wash, it’s a manly scent that will be fantastic in your car. It’s formulated to last five times longer than the standard car air fresheners. Meaning you can enjoy the premium black frost scent for longer.

Next you need protection against smells that will likely find their way back into your vehicle again. You are not going to stop going to the drive-thru, right? So you need a solution to that smell of fast food and fries! We’ve found these amazing natural charcoal odor absorbers, which are all you need! These little bags effectively clean odors, so you can be sure you are surrounded by fresh, breathable environment. You get two of these Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags when you order. Grab a couple of packs and pop one in your gym bag. Use the others under our seats and maybe even in the trunk. These mini charcoal deodorizers are the best way to purify odors in your car, naturally!

Keep on top of other smells and make sure everyone enjoys a fresh scent when they step into your vehicle. We’ve found some incredible car air fresheners so you can be confident there are not embarrassing smells upon entry! You’ve probably heard of Yankee Candle but these Car Jar Air Fresheners are ideal for small spaces that could use a lift. Of course, for the manly smells you desire, these Masculine Little Trees Car Fresheners are perfect! We love Steel Aluminum which smells like a mixture of Clean & Crisp with True North.

Enjoy Driving Your Car

No one wants to focus on the foul smell of a car which will put noses everywhere off memorable road trips. No one wants to be driving a date home and be worried about the smell of their car interior. Use these top tips about how to get rid of smell in car and you’ll be enjoying fresh wheels and plenty of fun! Smells good!

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