The summer is almost upon us. Sunshine, BBQs, sweat! You know how it is. You can end up stinking to the heavens before you’ve even had chance to get out of the house. No one wants you to smell of body odor. Not you, certainly not the people you meet! Keeping yourself fresh and on point can be more difficult during the hot season. Let’s have a look at how to stay smelling good all day long this summer time.

It’s The Pits

One of the first places that starts stinking up a storm is your under arms. Your pits can go from fresh and divine to needing some attention in just a few minutes. When we sweat, we stink. When we’re active, like lots of us are, we sweat more! More sweat equals more stink. Keep on top of your body odor with the best deodorant for men. We’ve found that the Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant is tough on sweat, not on skin with an improved formula with vitamin E and Triple Action Moisturizer.

Sticky Balls

Next on our list of how to stay smelling good all day is your balls! Another zone that often gets sticky, sweaty and irritable is our private parts. Fortunately we can target those areas with great products this summer season. You can use this brilliant bundle of Fresh Balls and ASSWIPES The Ultimate Fresh Pack for Men! You’ll feel clean and fresh as you apply great ingredients like Aloe, vitamin E, chamomile & cucumber.

Beat That Body Stink

In the heat, you can soon start to smell like something that’d died a horrible death. The Dead Sea Collection Men’s Mineral Face, Hair & Body Wash might sound deathly, but it is perfect for battling back against the stench! Use it all over when you’re in the shower and you’ll smell manly and feel amazing. It has sandal-wood extract which is known to sooth your skin and relieve irritation too. Check out our other body care recommendations here.

Shoe Stench

The great weather generally pulls us outside. It could be on a hike, to play some sport or to go for a walk along the beach with loved ones. When we do this, we’re on our feet a lot, and even the occasional breath won’t stop our feet sweating and conjuring up a stench. Your feet start to stink, your shoes start to reek. Cool your feet down and make sure your shoes smell appealing with the best foot sprays we’ve found. We particularly like the Foot Cure Natural Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray. The deodorizing spray will naturally fragrance your feet so you can enjoy refreshed, odor-free shoes and feet even during hot months.

Busy On The Roads

The summer months also pull people out of their homes, get them filling their cars with luggage and find them heading off on road trips. Be sure that your car smells great every time you step foot inside. The Chemical Brothers Black Frost Air Freshener eliminates odors and reduces new odors over time. Perfect for long trips in the car and when you find yourself sitting in a traffic jam on the way to the beach!

Now you know how to stay smelling good all day long during the summer months. Go enjoy the sunshine as you stay fresh and fantastic! 

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