How do you unwind at the end of the working day? Some of us kick a football around, others go for a run. Then there are those who sit in their front room, watching the latest binge-watchable Netflix series. Maybe enjoying something on the rocks and lighting a couple of manly candles. Manly candles? Candles aren’t manly. Are they?

The Evolution Of Candles

There was a time when candles were just associated with long leisurely bubble baths as women unwind in the tub. Maybe turning the tap with their toes, enjoying a glass of something fizzy or a cup of hot chocolate. Reading a book they’ve been meaning to get around to or a trashy magazine. Candles with scents like Huckleberry Sugar Blossom and Water Lily and Hyacinth. Smells that trigger the brain and body to relax.

Of course there is that obvious cliche of a candlelit dinner. Romantic, fine dining. Enjoying the company of your soul mate over a glass of good wine, maybe sampling a cheeseboard and gazing into one another eyes through the flickering flame of the candle between you. Candles can be a huge part of our lives but they’ve never perhaps been known as manly. Until now that is!

Manly Candles For Manly Men

For years men have been obsessed with lighting fires. Fire is manly. Lighting a candle doesn’t seem quite so manly. Which is why there are spectacular scents now available for fellas. There are many smells associated with men that perhaps you wouldn’t want to enjoy the scent of. Stinky shoes, body odor, the unmentionable noises! Now you can cover that smell up and make your bachelor pad utterly incredible! Let’s look at appealing scents which epitomize men!

We’ve searched high and low and found a couple of manly candles for you to light this week! Firstly we’ve got the Northern Lights Candles Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle. This is a homage to those craft cocktails we adore at the bar for after work drinks. The smells of the beer mats, the shot glasses, the sticky carpets! It has all the fragrance and bartender wit of your favourite pub. Combine whiskey and leafy tobacco with ginger and sweet Tonka Bean.

The Technology Of Candles?

The second on our list of manly candles is from Candletheory. It’s actually a gift set of three different dapper candles with a variety of unique fragrances to make your pad pounce. You’ll get 4-oz candles, with the scents included being Tobacco, Smoked Suede, and Sandalwood & Musk. They arrive in a brilliant little gift box. This is perfect for a giving as a present or keeping in until you decide to light them. One massive part of these candles is that they have patented technology! You can’t combine candles with technology can you? With these manly candles you can. The wood wicks used in these candles crackle and pop when they burn, making you feel like you’re in the great outdoors on an expedition, next to a glowing campfire. Absolute adventure bliss in the comfort of your home!

Burn Some Wicks & Cover Those Smells

It’s time to cover up those smells in your man cave and burn some candle wicks. Choose your manly candles scent and create a stunning atmosphere in your home. Now that is complete relaxation, for real men!

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