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Halloween is well on the way and the night of fright can be lots of fun. What do you do on Manly Halloween? Party with the family? Spend time with the kids? Night on the town? Whatever your plans are this Halloween, be sure there are plenty of treats not tricks on the cards.

Manly Halloween Party Tips

If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, you need to make sure everything is especially spectacular and harrowing. That doesn’t mean, under any circumstances, that you shouldn’t clean before your guests arrive. They want treats not tricks and by having a good clean and tidy, you can ensure hygiene before you add some Halloween props and plenty of punch. Use some of our favorite cleaning products to wipe every surface and get rid of the grime. Grease Monkey Wipes are versatile and could even inspire a Manly Halloween costume!

Get rid of stains and odor with OUT! Orange Oxy Stain and Odor Remover. Whilst Halloween can be messy, no one actually wants to see urine, vomit, feces, and blood. For everything else that needs a good scrub, use the Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray – Lime Sea Salt. I’ve tried a lot of products and this is by far the best scent. This Method spray is my favorite of the spray cleaner. Not too strong but cleans properly! You could even light a couple of manly scented candles to make your pad smell nice before people arrive.

Walking Around The Neighborhood

If you’re walking around the block, letting your kids knock on doors asking the well known Halloween question, but sure to look after your manly looking shoes. The kids might be expecting sweets but your treats not tricks involved your shoes and feet. No one wants stinky feet or shoes, even on Halloween!

Look after your feet when you get back with treats not tricks by using this MANSCAPED The Foot Duster, Men’s Cooling Foot Deodorant Spray. It’ll help cool your feet down after chasing round after the kids from house to house. For a duel action difference, Foot Cure Natural Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray is ideal. It means you can enjoy feeling refreshed, with odor-free shoes and toes during the busiest of Halloweens!

Out On The Town

If you’re heading out on the town with friends, by sure you don’t look a terrible mess! Even if you are going to wear Halloween fancy dress, you want to smell your best! Wash your hair with the best shampoo and conditioner, spray on plenty of deodorant and slap on a splash of decent cologne. Be sure to look your best, even if you’re going to dress up like a crazed butcher or blood thirsty vampire.

You could even buy your loved ones some treats not tricks this Halloween from our favorite products listed on our site. They are terrifyingly brilliant and will leave zombies looking and feeling refreshed and clean. Finally, be sure to have an amazing Halloween night!

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