Other Uses of Manly Scented Cleaning Wipes

We all love keeping a tidy house. Well, we love the idea of it anyway. Actually putting in the hard work and elbow grease isn’t quite as appealing. How many of you buy the manly scented cleaning wipes but then don’t use them as you intended to? Well, sometimes the best ways to use products are in an alternative fashion to how they were perhaps meant to be. Thinking outside of the box and using products in other ways can actually end in amazing results. Let’s have a look at some other uses for cleaning wipes that scents manly you probably haven’t even thought of!

Get Yourself Some Manly Scented Cleaning Wipes

The first step when you are looking at other uses for cleaning wipes is to get yourself some cleaning wipes. The best that we have found are Grease Monkey Wipes. You’re going to love them! They come in a fantastic canister that you can keep wherever you need. Be it in the garage, the glove box or the kitchen. Wherever you need a quick ‘traditional’ clean, you can put the awesomely packaged box nearby. The wipes are heavy duty, so you won’t stick your fingers through them easily like some other cleaning wipes. They even come individually wrapped, meaning they don’t dry out and you can take them places where you wouldn’t want to carry a canister of them. We’re thinking your backpack, gym bag or in your tool box!

Other Uses For Cleaning Wipes

Now you have your cleaning wipes, what else can you do with them aside from wiping down the kitchen worktops and cleaning up spillages? Here’s a handful of top ideas.

Keep Houseplants Looking Great

Keeping houseplants alive can be a tricky business in itself, but when they sit on the sideboard or next to the fireplace, they can quickly collect dust. Give them a quick wipe and they’ll be back to looking their best in no time.

Clean Up Your Leather Sofa

Leather sofas can be so comfortable, but they can get grubby pretty quickly. Wiping down your leather sofa with cleaning wipes will collect any dirt and leave a temporary shine. This is ideal if you only have a few minutes for a speedy clean before unexpected guests arrive.

Make Light Switches Look New Again

It’s amazing how quickly light switches can turn from the original colour of white to filthy. Think about the dirt we carry around on our hands from touching things throughout the day. That dirt ends up on our light switches when we flick on the lights, and flick them off again. Cleaning wipes are perfect at getting rid of that grub.

Clean Stubborn Window Grime with Manly Scented Cleaning Wipes

How often have you cleaned your windows but there is difficult dirt and stains that you simply can’t shift. The corners of your windows and the frames can be cleaned up with cleaning wipes. They’ll come up an absolute treat!

Shine Your Shoes

We walk around in so much dirt and mud that sometimes our shoes look unsightly. A quick rub over with some cleaning wipes and your shoes can look top notch once again. Restore the shine & street cred!

These top tips are all to do with the home. But you should definitely take a canister out with you on picnics to the beach or when you head away for a weekend of camping. From wiping grubby things in public like toilet seats or pay phones, to pots and pans when you’re miles away from a sink. If you don’t pack them, you’ll need them!

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