Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men


Scent was decent, thought this was the white powder based deo. Wore for two days and noticed the top layer of skin under both arms were peeled away…with the edges still peeling off.



About this item

Deep Sea with Ocean Elements smells like the gentle breeze coming in off the ocean, wafting in with citrus and flowers from the village below
The Fresher Collection has real freshness forged with real ingredients
Tell your underarm odor to take a hike! And then take a hike in the opposite direction from your underarm odor
Aluminum-free Old Spice Deodorant destroys underarm odor for 24 hours
Once you smell like nature, you’ll forget about all of your problems and your life will be better and you’ll finally get that promotion you know you deserve
This bundle contains 3 3 oz Deodorants