We all get told to stay active. Doctors and health professionals tell us that it has many benefits for our mental and physical health. During the sunnier summer months, keeping active comes with heightened issues of staying fresh and smelling good. We can sweat, a lot! Let’s have a look at the benefits of staying active and how to smell great after your workout this summer.

The Benefits of Staying Active

It’s easy to know benefits but harder to take them on board and implement them. In other words, easily said but not as easily done. It can be a challenge to motivate oneself to go for a run or get off the couch. However, once you do, you will feel better and healthier than before. The benefits of staying active include better sleep, increased productivity and mood elevation. There is also a decreased risk of disease and you’ll have more energy. Sounds good for the mind, body and soul!

Avoid These Mistakes at the Gym That Make You Smell Terrible

The smell of one’s body can indicate a lot about their health. Some of the factors that contribute to bad odor are poor hygiene, eating habits and physical activity. So if you want to stay active and keep your body smelling fresh at the gym, there are some things you should avoid. One of the main things people do is not shower after their exercise class. Working out leads to sweaty clothes. Sweaty clothes should be taken off and replaced with clean clothes before you head home for the day. It’s best to shower as soon as possible after exercise because it will help wash away all the bacteria from the skin that may cause bad odor. It is also important to shower every day and clean your armpits and feet as well as anything else that has sweat on it.

What You Always Need in Your Gym Bag to Stay Fresh

Staying active is important, but what do you need in your bag after forwards. Be sure to have shampoo and conditioner in your gym bag, for that important post workout shower. You’ll also need body wash to clean those areas of your body where sweat gathers. Deodorant is also essential and you can keep your trainers smelling fresh with deodorizing spray. You might even consider a spray of cologne so you turn heads as you wander out of those changing rooms.  Of course, be sure to have a bottle of water with you to rehydrate with.

Think Of Other Ways To Stay Active

Consider some other ways to stay active during the summer months. Maybe you don’t need to go intense workouts and can swap these out for hiking in the mountains or some beach activities. If you have children, you’ll likely be more active anyway, helping them burn off their energy during the summer months. Maybe you’ll find yourself playing baseball in the park, swimming in the lake or playing volleyball on the sands.

Stay active this summer, but also ensure you have the right products to smell great after all your exercise. The activity will make you feel physically and mentally fantastic, but feeling fresh afterwards is a gamechanger.

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