Top Autumn Skincare Tips for Smell Good

The seasons are changing and Autumn is on the way. We love fall but did you know that the change in the weather can affect your mood, your routine and even your skin? After a summer of fun the last thing we want the change in the season to do is upset our skin. How can you prepare your skin for the season ahead? What can you do to get ready for the impending change in the atmosphere around you? Let’s have a look at some top Autumn skincare tips for smell good that you can implement this fall.

Pack In Some Moisture

Our skins loses moisture when the temperature and humidity level drops. Get a step up on the season and start moisturizing. You’ll still want to wash off those dead cells from your skin when you shower, so choose a body wash that will do that for you. However you need to pack a punch with some moisture to replenish the skin. Don’t ignore under your arms. Pick a deodorant with added moisturizer. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant cares for your skin with an improved formula of vitamin E and Triple Action Moisturizer. When you consider that you might have some damaged skin from the long summer months too, adding some moisture to your Autumn skincare routine is a big plus point.

Look After Your Scalp

Your scalp is skin. Underneath your hair you have skin which can be affect by the weather just as much as the rest of your body. How busy has the summer been? Maybe you’ve been skipping out on conditioning your hair as much because you’ve had the hustle and bustle of the summer months? That swimming pool water and sea water you may have been diving in will have had an impact on both your hair and your scalp. Autumn is the time to start with the shampoo and conditioner once again. Crank up the Bluetooth speaker, put some time in when you shower this season and you will see the benefit to your locks and your scalp.

Break Outs Can Happen

You might think you are too old for spots, however our skin can get affected by changes in the weather and you may wake up to break outs. Be sure to keep your skin clean and use products like Dove Men+Care Elements Body Wash Charcoal+Clay which will help you battle back against break outs. The addition of the charcoal and clay to this product will work wonders for your skin. Don’t worry too much about it. Give it a bit of a helping hand and it’ll soon sort itself out.

Autumn is a wonderful season, full of colour and with a crisp bite in the air. You don’t want that bite to target your skin though! Prepare and defend yourself with Autumn skincare. Fight back against the changing weather and you’ll keep them smile on your face for selfies. Then sit back and relax on those Fall evenings and light a fragrant candle. Enjoy the season!

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