Are you sick of your apartment smelling like flowers and seasons? Yes, you want to have a good looking flat but you don’t want them smell that always comes with the products. Make sure your man pad doesn’t fall into the stereotypical category of being grubby and unclean. Grab yourself some manly cleaning products and make your surfaces shine and space smell divine!

The Perfect Clean

Manly cleaning products can be great for the environment too. One of the best we’re found is from Method. These are planet-friendly cleaning products which are also non-toxic and biodegradable. The Lime Sea Salt cleaning spray smells terrific and smashes through dirt like a champ. If you fancy a herby scent with every spray, opt for the Basil everyday cleaner from Mrs Meyer’s. The cool, crisp fragrance is uplifting & grounding whilst the spray busts through counter tops, tiles and floors. It’s cruelty free too, with none of the products n the range being tested on animals. Tough on mess but as soft as your sofa!

For Your Clothes

Do you often find your clothes need a bit of extra help to get stains out? Maybe your washing powder isn’t up to the job? Well, you can now use Goop Hand Cleaner and Laundry Stain Lift Remover which is great for your hands but equally fantastic on your garments. It does a great job without affecting colors of your clothing. There’s another fantastic lotion for your hands which wouldn’t look out of place in a car garage! The Permatex Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner pump looks fantastic and the product gets rid of anything you’ve got on your fingers! Get your hands and clothes look their best again, whatever you’ve been up to!

Eliminate Odors

Next on our list of manly cleaning products is OUT! Orange Oxy Stain and Odor Remover. The packaging might look bright and neon, however you don’t ned a hazmat suit. It’ll get rid of mess, even blood! Even vomit after a night on the tiles! It’ll knock tough stains and odors out of the park with it’s powerful oxidizing formula. No need to worry about dodgy smells anymore!

On The Go

Don’t just leave your manly cleaning products at home! You can make sure that they are ready when you are with heavy duty cleaning wipes that you can take anywhere. As perfect for the kitchen worktop as they are for the garage or shed. Sling a tub in the trunk of your car or in the glove box. You can even get them individually so you can keep a couple in your gym bag or in one of the inner pockets of your back pack!

Manly cleaning products have never looked better! Fill your cleaning cupboard with awesome stuff that will actually work in your home and keep up with the life you lead. No one wants to spend loads of time cleaning, but with these manly cleaning products you can cut through stains quickly and get on with your life. POW!


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